Our Story

David and JuneAfter many years of working together in several businesses in Ann Arbor, Michigan, my wife June and I founded Serendipity Bed and Breakfast in 2008 in the beautiful lakeshore community of Saugatuck.

Saugatuck has a unique sense of place and community and always felt like home when we came to visit on vacation. Besides being attractive in its own right, Saugatuck is also within a few hours of many of the midwest States, ensuring a large number of potential visitors that were looking to have a memorable experience at a bed and breakfast..

Our goal was to provide a relaxing, unique lodging in a Victorian-style atmosphere in our beautiful town that included a gourmet, home-cooked breakfast, all surrounded by a spectacular flower garden.

Serendipity is the result of that vision, and we succeeded, judging by all the positive reviews we received over the years online, in emails, the guest room journals, and personal comments! We always felt re-energized finding these nice notes after a long day.

It seemed like we would continue this together for a long time, but sadly, after 15 years of providing service to our many guests my wife June passed away in 2023. We put so much of ourselves into Serendipity, adding some magic to the town of Saugatuck, and I want to continue to provide high quality service to guests.

    203 Griffith Street, Saugatuck, Michigan 49453



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